Final Update 03/07/2024

Hello everyone. I wanted to give a final update for what we have going on for this week and next.

** If you are are still missing an order from January 13th please email me at and we will get a new order sent out to you. **


** If you made an order from Nov 6th to Dec 20th **

We are near the finish line for the rest of the orders that were made after the Nov 5th cutoff. If you are still waiting on an order rest assured we are working to get these to you by next week. We are working 2 shifts ( one morning and one night ) to finish these.


Exchange and Refund Info

Once everything is done and out we will still be monitoring emails to help with exchanges on sizes. Please note the exchange period ends 15 days after you receive the product. The same applies to refunds. If you receive the product and would like a refund, we require that you ship the item back to us and once we receive it we will process the refund.

We will always honor full refunds if you would like to cancel before your item ships out.


Finally, I want to personally apologize to everyone including the creators. We had no intention of causing stress to anyone in the LIFE community. In the end all the problems however much were out of my power, fall 100% on me. We had several events occur that set us back and I wish I could do them over again with the knowledge I have now on the situation. The company had to grow quickly to meet the demand which included its fair share of growing pains.

Since the very start we set out to make merch that was comfy, you could wear for a long time to come and last. I still believe we are making good on that. We have been working on this for nearly 5 months now and are determined to see it through to the end.

If you still have any questions, please email me at


Need help with an order? Be sure to include Order # and any info below.