Shipping Update 12/26/2023

We wanted to give a quick update on the state of the merch. As of now we are nearing the finish line and are still on track to have everything out by this month for those who are still waiting on merch from after the holiday cutoff. We worked with Grian to set up an FAQ to make things easier for everyone.


"I ordered after the 5th of November and my order hasn't shipped"

Don't worry - your order is being worked on and is on track to be shipped this month. With all the orders made after November the 5th, they were always going to be due around this time in Q1.


"I ordered before the cut off and my order hasn't been shipped"

I am SO sorry that this has happened. Please email directly with your order number, I have been assured that it will be handled as a matter of priority.


"My shipment has been dispatched, but it's stuck on "Label generated" (most likely happened if your order was sent on 13th January)

These are the orders that have been mishandled by the postal service. If nothing has arrived after 2+ weeks, a new package will have to be sent to you and the company will file insurance on the original. This is really frustrating, but again the only thing to do will be to check your tracking and if you are affected, email directly with your order number and they will get another sent out priority.


"I don't want my order anymore."

Please email support and request a refund on your order, no questions asked.


Need help with an order? Be sure to include Order # and any info below.